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February 21, 2013
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Midori reference by NotLucy Midori reference by NotLucy
I n f o r m a t i o n :
    [N] a m e : Midori
      Just first name, he has no need for anything else since he wasn't born in a city nor lives in one. For this same reason his name is simple and means Green, his and nature's colors.

    [A] g e : Unkown
      Midori's age is still undecided, as I'm wondering whether he should have thousand/hundred years or if he's a recent guardian. This is because I have two stories for him from different role-plays, which clash with this data.

    [G] e n d e r : ♂ M a l e
      Although he has some feminine features, yes, he is a male.

    [H] e i g h t & [W] e i g h t : 5' 10" ft - 121 lbs
      Midori's height is not as short as other spirits, but he isn't that tall either. He has a pretty average height, though his roses might give him a taller impression sometimes. His weight is slightly lower than it should be, but it's due to his strict fruit and vegetables diet.

    [P] e r s o n a l i t y :
      :bulletgreen:Peaceful: Midori is a rather calm person, due to being a guardian of the forest and having a lot of time for himself in nature. Violence is an absolute no for him unless his life or the forest's is at risk. Although, he will always look for the way to fix things without aggression.
      :bulletred:Quiet: Rarely speaks, he could pass as mute sometimes. He has no need to communicate by speech that often, unless he is with someone of his few 'friends' or his partner. And sometimes not even like that, since he can use telepathy.
      :bulletgreen:Sensitive: Despite having an expressionless face due to his lack of interaction with humanity, he is quite sensitive and in touch with nature. His emotions are usually intense, specially if something happens to his forest or animals.
      :bulletred:Caring: He dislikes humankind because of their destructive nature, though he can't help but care and help people that get lost in the woods. He is specially fond of little kids and their innocence.
      :bulletgreen:Vengeful: Though he is peaceful, he holds grudges against anyone who attempts against him or his territory. He usually tries to cause some sort of damage back, but wouldn't attempt against someone's life of course.

    [B] i o : (Most recent, related to his partner)
      When Midori was still human, he died in the forest. He went too dept into the woods and got lost, though he didn't care since his life was awful and he had no interest in being alive anymore. The little time he spent there before his death was enough for the spirits to feel sorry for him. They gave new life to Midori, reviving him as a spirit and giving him a new purpose in life: being the Forest's Guardian.

      During a cold winter, Midori heard a voice. The voice echoed in his head every now and then. It was weak, faint, but he could definitely hear someone calling for help. He started looking desperate, as the voice was fading away. Midori ran trying to find the source, bumping into a couple of white snakes. It looked like they had gotten lost and way too far from their home, which was dangerous since winter in those areas was too cold for snakes to survive.

      Midori quickly picked up both snakes and took them to his own home. He lit up a fire to keep them warm and stuck both inside his clothes to add to the warmth. Falling asleep, Midori didn't notice one of the snakes sliding off his clothes and transforming into his humanoid form. The fire and Midori's clothes weren't enough to keep the humanoid snake warm, so he took some more of his body's warmth. This, of course, was through sexual intercourse, as he touched Midori in his sleep. Waking up halfway, it was a bit too late to fight back, longing for human touch after so long.

      The day after, Midori learned that this person was called Nathair and he was a basilisk. In any case, Nath left soon, though Midori kept an eye on him since then. With time Midori got closer and closer, till they started to hand out and 'help' each other. Their relationship just suddenly surged, they didn't say it, agree on it or mentioned it at all. But in no time they had fallen in love with each other, unable to leave the other's side. Though they barely cross words, they really get along and live together.

    [A] b i l i t i e s :
      :bulletgreen:Nature Control: Making flowers bloom, trees grow tall, vines bend to his will, you name it. Midori was granted the huge power to control everything around him as long as he swore to protect it with his life. His presence can be quickly noticed, as more flowers bloom when he is around.
      :bulletred:Telepathy: Midori can transmit his thoughts to another living being's mind, allowing them to hear him and speak to him without the need of speech. He is slowly losing his ability to speak due to this.
      :bulletgreen:Earth bending: Although way harder to do so, Midori sometimes bends earth but only if the situation requires it. Usually to fix human's doing or in case of natural disasters.
      :bulletred:Teleport: One special ability he rarely uses is teleportation, he can move fast from forest to forest to keep everything under control.

    [E] x t r a :
      :bulletgreen:Midori has two red roses in his head, which represent the state of the forest. If they start dying it means something is wrong with the forest. They help him to keep in track of his domain. Though there is an inconvenience, as these roses also wither if Midori ever gets depressed, and the forest starts to die slowly as well.
      :bulletred:Midori was reborn with pointy ears similar to elves, a tanned skin and a tattoo in his back. He feels really good with this new features, he didn't mind the change.
      :bulletgreen:He sometimes wishes he could be more expressive, as it is crucial for his relationship with others. Specially if with Nath, he wants to be able to show externally that he does care.
      :bulletred:There are sometimes that his hair looks like leaves.
      :bulletgreen:He dislikes using clothes and man-made fabrics, but sometimes they are necessary. Although he prefers to wear vines, leaves and flowers better.

    [M] u s i c : (That inspired this character)
      :bulletgreen: [link] Humanoid - Tokio Hotel
      :bulletred: [link] Lugia's Theme
      :bulletgreen: [link] Radiactive - Imagine Dragons
      :bulletred: [link] Futuristic Lover
      :bulletgreeb: I know, weird inspirations :XD:

    Took me two days and a lot of suffering asdfgndf ; A ;

    This is HUGE, but highly detailed~ Just sketched full body 'cause I got too lazy.. safkaf
    Added some little info about him if anyone's interested~

    Midori (c)Inary001
    Tattoo [link]
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Midnyte-Wolff Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, how did you get the text to indent like that. Mine won't do that :(

The character is adorable major BTW ;p
NotLucy Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You just gotta use < ul></ ul>
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BlindButler Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
This character seems like he would have a beautiful lengthy story to tell. This story, I would reread over and over. The details, like his roses, were wonderfully blended in. Everything about this character says, glorious though slightly indifferent. The love story embedded in it fits in perfectly. This is something that only great minds would think of. Love the character, history, and story.

~Blind Butler
NotLucy Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Your comments are most enjoyable
I really look forward to get one from you<3
This character was designed to be expressionless but look sensitive and full of emotions
I'm glad you really like him :heart:
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